“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero could have hardly imagined modern Business Intelligence, yet his words of wisdom are as relevant today as they were during times of ancient Rome. 

Business Intelligence is the garden where your analysts toil each day to create analytics and visualizations in the hope that they will yield the fruit of critical insights. It is also the library to which business users turn for wisdom when they are trying to understand the root cause of a problem, or are searching for a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your business.

Sadly, in most organizations, the Business Intelligence environment is neither a beautiful garden nor an organized library. Despite our best intentions, BI platforms quickly become both an overgrown garden and a disorganized library.  

Fortunately, a Business Intelligence Portal can bring order to the chaos by acting as both your gardner and librarian. 

Weeding your garden

Although your garden likely contains many beautiful dashboards and insightful data visualizations, the weeds of old obsolete reporting make it appear overgrown and in disarray. A Business Intelligence Portal continuously weeds your garden by suppressing content that is unused and highlighting certified and popular dashboards. Instead of seeing weeds and disorder, users’ attention is focused on the content that is most likely to bear the fruit of useful insights.

Organizing your library

A BI environment without a Business Intelligence Portal is a library without a librarian. There are many insightful reports available, but they are not organized or cataloged in an effective way and users simply can’t find what they need.  

A BI Portal analyzes your full library of assets and everything is neatly organized for users. With all content indexed and optimized for search, your users don’t need to remember which tool or dashboard holds a specific analysis. Instead of searching through many tools and folders, users simply ask a BI Portal a question and instantly access the insights that they seek.

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