BI Tool License Management

Using Metric Insights to Slash Business Intelligence Costs Most organizations manage their BI tool user licenses inefficiently. It is common for more than 50% of licenses to be held by users who are not actively using the respective BI tool. Metric Insights enables organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of BI tool licenses through an […]

Playbook for Successful Implementing Change & Exception Reports

This week we are releasing two playbooks (in a single PDF) on Exception Reports and Change Reports. Exception Reports Exception reports can include details beyond measurement dates and measurement values – such as customers, product, region, franchise, pharmacy, etc. The exceptions report can tally metadata that is not directly within a data source – examples […]

Playbook for Successfully Implementing Bursting in a BI Portal

The second playbook we are publishing includes best practices for distributing BI content via Bursts. One of the most effective ways to get users engaged with data is to push it to them either via email, SMS or 3rd party application integrations (e.g. Slack or Microsoft Teams). This playbook gives you a template for capturing […]

Best Practices for Implementing a BI Portal

In the upcoming weeks, we will be going over best practices for implementing a Business Intelligence portal within an organization. We will be covering a number of topics that are critical to successfully driving data engagement within your organization. The topics we will cover include: BI Portal Implement a single BI portal that provides a […]

CEO Spotlight – Today’s BI challenges

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”― Cicero Marcus Tullius Cicero could have hardly imagined modern Business Intelligence, yet his words of wisdom are as relevant today as they were during times of ancient Rome.  Business Intelligence is the garden where your analysts toil each day to create analytics […]

MicroStrategy Reveals The Elephant

We were sponsors at MicroStrategy World 2020 last week and it was an eye-opening experience. In his keynote, Michael Saylor discussed why traditional BI has been failing organizations and presented an alternative in the form of HyperIntelligence. This new technology allows MicroStrategy to enrich any web page consumed via Chrome or Edge with tool-tips that show […]

Push Intelligence for Tableau Webinar

Check out our webinar on how Push Intelligence works hand-in-hand with Tableau, and other data sources, to give your data the audience it deserves. Push Intelligence helps by: 1. Organizing your Business Intelligence content 2. Enriching it by uncovering exceptions and anomalies 3. Distributing it via Portal Pages, Digests and Bursts, Alerts, Mobile, and Slack Watch the recording here: For any questions, […]

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