Bring Business Intelligence into your Slack conversations

In today’s organizations, employees are using collaboration tools like Slack on a daily basis and spending a significant amount of time in them. Users are having conversations around the business every minute and hour of the day. Sometimes metrics can add value to these conversations, but today it requires going off to a BI tool to hunt for reports and find the information you need. If you’re lucky, 15 minutes later you’re all on the same page. So why not cut that time by 95% and bring BI into your conversations?

Metric Insights brings Business Intelligence into Slack


Users are hearing about things from their colleagues via Slack. Why shouldn’t they know about significant changes in data and metrics there too? Metric Insights can deliver content, via alerts, to Slack channels. These messages contain the details of the alert along with an image of the Metric or Dashboard that triggered it. By delivering this information to Slack, it is right there for users to begin collaborating around, and if need be share it or click through to Metric Insights for further analysis.

Search and Listening:

Users can reference the latest values and trendlines for key metrics just by mentioning them in Slack, “What were sales in Canada yesterday?”.

Pull the latest dashboards into Slack from Tableau, QlikView, Qlik Sense, MicroStrategy or any other BI tool just by referencing the name of the dashboard or finding them using natural language search. For example, “Show me my sales dashboards?”. The app will deliver up the latest image of the dashboard being requested or suggest a set of search results if multiple pieces of content are found.

Instruct the Slack app to listen on selected channels. If it recognizes that there may be content within Metric Insights that could add value to the conversation, it will suggest that privately to the user, who can then share it with other people in the discussion.

Users shouldn’t have to spend time switching between different applications to find the data they need. Metric Insights has always provided an aggregated Portal that brings all your content into one place, but now that content can be a part of your discussions with your colleagues, ensuring your getting maximum value out of your data.

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